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HIFU Facelift Preparation, Recovery and Maintenance

HIFU Facelift Preparation, Recovery and Maintenance

High-intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a special, non-invasive skin treatment for rough, dry, or aging skin. HIFU can help restore softer, smoother skin in a variety of ways. It rejuvenates the skin from the inside out. 

However, even though the procedure appears simple, understanding HIFU facelift aftercare is critical. If proper aftercare is not followed after HIFU treatment, hyperpigmentation can occur. As such, following the aftercare instructions for your HIFU facelift improves treatment effectiveness and ensures long-term benefits!

In addition to aftercare, you should maintain a good skincare routine to keep your skin clean, healthy, and protected from external damage with sunscreen. Correct aftercare reduces complications, improves and extends results, and saves time, money, and effort.

Aftercare is just as important as primary care and pre-treatment procedures. Read on to discover some guidelines on HIFU preparation, recovery, and maintenance.

The Pre-Treatment

Sunburned skin cannot be treated with HIFU. Irritating chemicals should also be avoided because they can impede treatment.

Antibiotics must be stopped prior to receiving HIFU treatment. Antibiotics can cause skin photosensitivity. Your treatment may be delayed for two weeks until all antibiotics have been administered in this case.

The Treatment Day

Facelift with HIFU that is both effective and safe Ultrasound energy is applied to the face and body for 30 to 90 minutes. To ensure client safety and treatment efficacy, protocols must be followed by both clients and therapists.

Cold sores cannot be present in patients undergoing HIFU. Cold sores impede the healing process. Fever prevents HIFU treatment. Only after the fever or cold sore has subsided is treatment possible.

The Aftercare

Makeup and moisturisers should be avoided on the day of treatment.

Arrive early for your HIFU treatment if you are healthy and have no relevant medical history. This will reduce and calm anxiety. Meanwhile, some clients are afraid of treatment procedures; anti-anxiety medication should be given to these clients prior to treatment. Patients must have a designated driver after taking anti-anxiety medication.

Guidelines for HIFU Aftercare

Clients must understand how to care for their bodies after HIFU skin treatment to avoid complications and side effects that can reduce treatment gains. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Avoid Sun Damage

Sun and cold should be avoided for several weeks after HIFU skin treatment. Keeping out of the sun helps to prevent hyperpigmentation, sunburn, and skin damage.

Sunblock should also be applied to protect the skin from UV rays. Continue until the skin tightens.

Quit Drinking Alcohol

Try not to overwork the liver and abstain from alcohol after treatment. Alcohol stresses the liver. Your liver will break down deactivated fat after treatment.

The liver must also metabolise inactive fat as a result of alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes the liver to overwork and thins the blood.

Because clotting is more difficult in blood with a lower density, there may be excessive bleeding. Don’t consume alcohol.

Ignore the Itch

Even if it’s tempting, don’t scratch an itchy body after treatment. Scratching now may cause skin damage.

Allow scabs to fall off naturally. Attempting to remove them could lead to an infected wound. Do not scratch after treatment.

Hydration is Key

After HIFU, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water stimulates collagen production, which aids in recovery.

Zero Hot Baths

Bathing in cold water keeps your skin’s natural protective oil in place and prevents irritation. If you must use hot water, use lukewarm water to speed up skin recovery.

Avoid taking hot showers at all costs. Permission from your doctor is required until then.


Aftercare is as important as the HIFU facelift procedure itself. This treatment has improved the lives of many people, but true life-changing results are granted only by aftercare. As such, as you increase the efficiency of your HIFU treatment, consider aftercare carefully.

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