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RF Microneedling / Skin Needling For Rejuvenated and Smooth Skin

Introducing the new “RF Jeanie Pro Fractional Micro Needling".

My secret weapon! The RF Jeanie Pro (Negative Pressure Fractional RF Microneedling.)

This is a revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and rejuvenation. Utilises, a combination of radio frequency, vacuum and microneedling to induce collagen production and tighten elastin fibres. It also helps with textured scaring. Pigmentation, Pore refinement and Skin Rejuvenation. This unique procedure will reverse the signs of ageing to give you a younger looking skin.

Let your skin shine bright and radiate confidence!

Treatment Scope

Some people only require a single treatment, once a year to achieve optimal results. However, it is recommended for most people to receive a series of 2 to 3 treatments spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart.

  • Skin Tightening upper and lower eyelids.
  • Rejuvenation of active inflammatory acne
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne scares
  • Pigmentation
  • Laxed Skin
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Stretch Marks
  • Surgical Scars

The Procedure

The Results are in!

Depending on your skin type most people will be red or flushed immediately after which can last 24 hours by 48 hours post-treatment you will already feel your skin to be super smooth and glowing. Visible changes to the skin develop over the next few days. 

This is radio frequency microneedling at its best, the benefits are wrinkle reduction, texture, tone improvement and softer, younger-looking skin with fewer signs of ageing. New collagen production reverses years of sun damage. The microneedle RF handpiece has four different tip sizes for eyes, face, neck and body, a sterile tip of disposable micro-needles is attached to the handpiece, next, in a single motion, the head of the hand piece will vacuum up your skin and the needles will glide into your dermis at a precise level and emit an RF energy to stimulate collagen and elastin by a controlled micro wounds in the upper layers of your skin. 


The Feel

The feeling associated with this treatment is similar to a slight vibration and heat as the needles glide into the skin. Some areas may be a little more sensitive than others. 

During your procedure, we will apply a  layer of hyaluronic gel to your skin and select the appropriate treatment depth based on your unique needs. This has a positive effect on hyper-pigmentation, as well as treating uneven skin tone, acne scars, traumatic scars and stretch marks.

The skin responds by making new collagen-rich tissue. This new skin tissue is more even in tone and texture. It’s common for the skin to lose collagen with age or injury. By encouraging the skin to make new tissue, additional collagen may help make the skin firmer.

Some people can experience a post shed or slight peeling. The biggest benefit of this treatment is all parameters are adjustable

The Cost

This can be broken down into different areas.

  • $200 Eyes  includes upper and lower eyelid
  • $200mouth  for the lines all around the mouth
  • $400 Face  including eyes and mouth
  • $350.00 Neck and Jawline
  • $600.00 Face and Neck 

Skin Needling



This cosmetic procedure involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger. You might also hear it called collagen induction therapy. (C.I.T)


Skin Needling

Skin Needling

Skin needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that treats skin concerns by stimulating collagen production. Also known as collagen induction therapy, this treatment creates micro-punctures in the skin using a pen-like handpiece and miniature, sterilized needles. As they jump up and down on the skin they create micro wounds which will enduce collagen production.

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