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Laser Hair Removal 101: Do’s and Don’Ts

Laser hair removal has grown in popularity in recent years as a way to simplify daily life and improve overall grooming. If you’ve never had laser hair removal before, it’s critical to understand what to expect before, during, and after your procedure. Because of the procedure’s popularity, an increasing number of people are seeking laser hair removal, but if you’ve never had it before, it’s important to know what to expect.

Read on to discover more about laser hair remover and the DOs and DON’Ts you have to keep in mind.

Preparing for a Laser Hair Removal Session

It is critical to have healthy, undamaged skin and hair follicles when preparing for laser hair removal. This allows the laser to more effectively target the hair follicles and prevent future hair growth.


  • Do use sunblock with an SPF 30 every day for one week before the treatment.
  • Do make sure the treatment area is ready the night before. This makes it easier for the laser to target the hair follicle’s base.


  • Don’t use any scented lotions or creams before starting treatment.
  • Don’t wax, bleach, or pluck the hair in the areas where the laser will be used. Laser treatments work by destroying the hair follicle at its root to prevent further hair growth. Plucking and waxing remove the root, making the laser unable to focus on it.

During Your Laser Hair Removal Session

When you arrive at the laser for your treatment, make sure to follow all of the instructions given to you to ensure your safety as well as the effectiveness of your treatment.

Choose a clinic with a good reputation for laser hair removal. Reviewers as well as a licensed esthetician should be consulted.


  • Do wear the protective eyewear provided, even if it makes you appear ridiculous. Eye damage is far more serious than appearing ridiculous.


  • Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. If you are not happy with the treatment, you should express your dissatisfaction by asking questions or speaking up. Discuss your feelings with your technician and ask questions if you don’t understand anything.

After Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

You should continue to care for your skin after the procedure to avoid irritation or other complications.


  • After treatment, you may want to apply a Aloe Vera Gel, which is available from the chemist. It is possible that you will need more for a few days after the treatment to reduce redness, speed up the healing process, and prepare the skin for the next treatment.
  • Follow the aftercare instructions if you want the best possible results.


  • Following treatment, don’t soak in hot baths, showers, or saunas for one to two days, or expose the affected area to direct sunlight for seven days.


More than anything, it is vital to understand that each person’s laser hair removal experience is unique. Each patient should expect to receive multiple treatments until they reach their desired results. Because hair grows in cycles and at different rates, there is no single treatment that can permanently remove all unwanted hair. Laser hair removal, though, is a great treatment to achieve this.

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