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Meet Artist Debbie Labes

Meet Artist Debbie Labes her biggest passion is helping women feel confident in their bodies. The highly skilled “scar artist” specialises in 3D nipple areola tattooing, a process that involves tattooing over scars to create the illusion of a nipple. With a mission to empower women by turning one’s scars into body art, Debbie has helped countless women feel beautiful in their bodies again.

After years of working in the beauty industry, Labes decided to focus her talents on helping women who have undergone mastectomies or breast reductions. “I have always held the firm belief that it’s not just about appearances, and that your true beauty should be able to shine through. However, sometimes we sabotage ourselves with low self-esteem or lack of confidence. My dream is to be able to help people recreate themselves, which will allow the very best version of their inner-self to be illuminated,” she says.

Debbie Labes went from being a bedroom artist, losing herself creating behind closed doors, to spearheading a boutique with two treatment rooms fully equipped with the best technology in the industry. The tattooing process is incredibly detailed and realistic, and Labes takes great care to ensure that each client feels comfortable and confident.

She is passionate about helping women feel good about their bodies, and her art is a reflection of that. Labes has years of experience in all things aesthetic, and she has used her knowledge and skills to help women feel better about themselves. She has a unique ability to help women recreate themselves, which allows their true beauty to shine through.

“Stepping into the world of beauty was a whole new beginning for me. It’s a wonderful thing to make someone feel beautiful, even just because of ‘those little things like getting your makeup done, or, even a facial. It wasn’t until 1999 (when I worked with a woman in a well-known day spa) that I was introduced to cosmetic tattoos. I had my lips and eyeliner done with this form of semi-permanent makeup. It gave me a newfound confidence in the way I look. I immediately fell in love with every aspect of the craft.”

Debbie’s work is truly one-of-a-kind, and her clients are always amazed at the results. Not only does she create the illusion of realistic nipples, but she also uses her skills to camouflage scars and other imperfections.

Empowering Women to Feel Confident and Comfortable in their Natural Beauty

Debbie’s work is incredibly important, as many women who have undergone mastectomies often feel self-conscious about their scars. Her tattooing technique helps to cover up the scars, giving women their confidence back. In a world where women are constantly bombarded with images of “perfect” bodies, it’s refreshing to see someone using their talents to help women feel beautiful in their own skin.

If you or someone you know has scars that are impacting their self-confidence, reach out to Debbie Labes, the wonder woman behind The Beauty Spot. She and her team offer beauty treatments on the Gold Coast that can help you turn your scars into something beautiful that you can be proud of.

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