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Perfect Your Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows with Colour Correction

Cosmetic tattooing is a popular trend that offers a lasting solution to filling in eyebrows and enhancing their natural shape. While the vast majority of cosmetic tattoo treatments offer long-term, beautiful results, something can go wrong sometimes. 

If this happens, don’t worry—you can easily fix it with a little help from a colour correction specialist.

The sections below detail how technicians use colour correction to fix or enhance your tattooed brows.

What Is Colour Correction? 

Colour correction is a specialised form of cosmetic tattooing that corrects any mistakes made during initial treatments. 

Some of the techniques of colour correction used in this procedure include lightening existing pigments, blending together different shades of pigment to create a more even look, adding pigment to create a new shape, and using shading and outlining to further refine the eyebrows. 

Each procedure is carefully planned and tailored to the individual’s desired results.

Colour correction helps technicians to apply the right colour palette for the desired outcome. It also helps to add dimension to the brow and enhance the overall look. 

With the help of colour correction, an experienced technician can create higher arches, less dramatic curves, thicker sections, and more uniform edges. The addition of shading and outlining helps to fill up the gaps and make the brow look fuller and more natural. 

The final result is a well-balanced, symmetrical eyebrow that perfectly fits the client’s features.

What Causes Mistakes during Initial Cosmetic Tattooing Treatments? 

There are a few reasons that mistakes occur during the initial eyebrow tattooing treatment. In some cases, the technician can be inexperienced and inexperienced in proper technique. 

This could lead to an uneven or poorly defined shape or a colour mismatch. Other times, the client’s natural skin tone or hair colour might have been overlooked, or the right choice of colour pigments may not have been made.

How Is Colour Correction Performed? 

Once the technician understands why the initial treatment went wrong, they can begin the colour correction process. During this process, the technician will first remove the pigments and brighten the area. 

This step is necessary to lighten the colour and reduce the intensity of any previous pigmentation. This step is followed by the tattooing process, where the technician will use new pigments to fill in and outline the brow to achieve the desired shape and colour.

What Are the Benefits of Colour Correction? 

There are many benefits to undergoing a colour correction procedure. One great advantage is that it can provide the client with a much more natural-looking, symmetrical eyebrow compared to the initial treatment. 

The new pigments have the potential to last much longer and can give a more uniform look while also blending better with the natural skin and hair colour. 

Additionally, clients might notice an improvement in their overall self-confidence since the colour correction will give them more confidence in their appearance.

How Long Does It Take for Results to Show? 

The time it takes for the results of a colour correction treatment to be visible will depend on the complexity of the procedure. Most clients will notice some results immediately, but the full results can take up to 6 weeks to appear. 

To maximise the benefits of the treatment, it’s important to follow the aftercare advice from the technician and keep the treated area away from water and other harsh chemicals.


Colour correction is an important part of perfecting your cosmetic tattoo brows. You should be aware that the colour correction process may take multiple sessions and should be done by an experienced professional. With the right colour correction, you can have beautiful and balanced brows that look natural and enhance your features.

The Beauty Spot provides excellent colour correction for brow tattoos on the Gold Coast! We’ve been the Gold Coast’s leading cosmetic artist since 2008. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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