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Crepey Skin: Why It Happens and How You Can Avoid It

Ageing plays a significant role in the changes people get to their skin. As people age, the natural production of collagen slows down. When this happens, skin and muscle tissue begin to sag. 

Patients also tend to lose fat and muscle mass in the face, arms, and legs. When a fat loss occurs, the skin becomes thin and wrinkled. Eventually, everyone will get crepey skin—wrinkled like crepe paper. However, it should not happen too soon. 

What Causes Crepey Skin?

1. Sun Damage: Overexposure to the sun causes the elastin, a protein in the skin, to break down. When elastin is broken down, the skin loses elasticity and wrinkles. It’s vital to wear sunscreen to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles.

2. Hormonal Changes: When women approach menopause, estrogen production in the body is greatly reduced. It can affect the skin in many ways. Changes in oestrogen levels can cause crepey skin, thin nails, and brittle hair.

3. Ageing: Crepey skin is more prevalent in older people. As people age, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases. That can cause the skin to become thin and crepey.

4. Free Radical Damage: Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to cells and may cause premature ageing. The skin is vulnerable to the damage caused by free radicals due to its density in the skin. Free radicals can cause the skin to look dry, crepey and wrinkled.

5. Genetics: Crepey skin can also be caused by a genetic collagen deficiency.

6. Dehydration: This is one of the most common causes of crepey skin. When the skin is dehydrated, it loses elasticity and becomes thinner. It can cause lines and wrinkles to appear. Meanwhile, well-hydrated skin looks and feels youthful and healthy.

How to Delay Acquiring Crepey Skin

The best way to prevent crepey skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to always wear sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and crepey skin. Drinking enough water and eating a healthy diet will keep the skin hydrated and healthy. 

It’s also essential to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. These bad habits can cause premature ageing and make skin look crepey faster.

There are many different creams and lotions on the market to reduce or eliminate crepey skin. It is vital to make sure that lotions and creams contain SPF. Look for lotions with alpha-hydroxy acids. These types of products help to keep the skin hydrated.

Some people choose to undergo plastic surgery to reduce the appearance of crepey skin. A popular cosmetic procedure is called a facelift. This procedure can help to erase wrinkles and crepey skin. 

Another must-try treatment is skin needling. It is an effective approach that uses needles to stimulate the skin to produce collagen.

Lastly, a great way to keep crepey skin at bay is by using a combination of retinol and glycolic peels. These treatments help to exfoliate the skin and make it look smoother. It can reduce the appearance of crepey skin.


Crepey skin is one of the biggest skin concerns for many people. While it cannot be stopped completely, you can delay this natural occurrence and enjoy your youth glow a little bit longer. It is vital to stay healthy, avoid premature ageing, and use creams and lotions that contain SPF. 

If you want to eliminate the appearance of crepey skin, it is essential to eat a healthy diet, drink enough water, and use skin care products that stop premature ageing. Above all else, it is important to be patient. With proper care, crepey skin can be reduced and even eliminated.

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