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What Results Should Patients Expect After Nipple Tattoos?

One downside of mastectomy is that it completely removes the patients’ breast to save it from breast cancer. Despite its efforts in keeping the unaffected organ of the cancer patient, the procedure leaves them without a breast. It might be a struggle for women, as it’s challenging to get used to not having a part of them.

However, due to the efforts to restore the lost smile on the cancer patients’ faces, nipple tattooing has become a quick and easy solution to reconstruct the missing parts of the breast removed through mastectomy. But before getting inked, which results should patients expect from nipple tattooing? Here are some examples.

1. Allergic Reactions

Like in any other tattoo, there is always a possibility for allergic reactions when getting a nipple tattoo. Some reactions may occur immediately after the procedure and cause the tattooed skin to become itchy and red, but most reactions manifest when the tattoo heals. It means that their skin might redden and swell up. But if the tattooed area of skin becomes itchy or painful soon after the procedure, you may want to see a doctor for a check-up.

2. Infections

Infections are one of the common side effects of nipple tattooing. As with any other tattoo, there is a risk of disease due to unsanitary practices, but nipple tattooing is more likely to contract infections. Harmful organisms that lurk in nipple skin cause infections, which the patient’s body can contaminate due to the open nature of the skin. Doctors usually advise their patients to consult them before getting a nipple tattoo so they can inspect the affected skin and treat it right away to prevent the infection and any other problems.

3. Granuloma

Granuloma is a lump-like formation of scar tissue inside the nipple of a woman who has undergone a mastectomy and had her nipple removed. Though not as common as breast tissue, the formation is not ordinarily harmful, and very rarely, it may become cancerous.

Getting a nipple tattoo can help prevent granuloma development, but it doesn’t eliminate it. Therefore, scrutinize the skin after the procedure to ensure that the tattooed skin looks healthy and not suspicious.

4. Keloids

Keloids are another form of scar tissue that can develop in the affected skin of a woman who has undergone a mastectomy. They can appear in the nipple area or the scar created by the removed nipple. They are often seen in men and women who get tattoos. Tattooing the skin of a woman who had gone through a mastectomy can help prevent the development of keloids. But it doesn’t eradicate keloids as well.

5. Dissatisfaction

Getting a nipple tattoo can help keep or restore a woman’s confidence after she has gone through a mastectomy. However, some patients may still not be delighted with their nipple tattoos.

It can happen if the tattoo fails to look like the natural nipple or if it doesn’t meet their expectations. The tattoo may better represent other people, but not for the patients themselves. They may want to get rid of their nipple tattoos and consider other tattoo alternatives that can help reconstitute their breast.


The exciting developments in tattooing are already evident in the nipple tattoo industry. The new tattoo machines, innovative tattoo ink, and even new approaches to tattooing are now available to help breast cancer patients look and feel better. Nipple tattooing may help women restore their confidence after they have gone through a mastectomy. However, remember that it is not a guarantee for a better life.

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