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My Experience at The Beauty Spot

Hi, my name is Rachelle. Just recently I have visited industry expert Deb Labes at The Beauty Spot in Burleigh. My experience overall was magical. From the very start I could tell that Deb not only knew her stuff but that also, she loved what she did. And that was making other feel beautiful and confident. Whether that be through cosmetic tattooing or by giving someone the wonderful experience of a relaxing facial. Those were just two of the many things we spoke of during my time there. When I got there, I explained to Deb that I didn’t like how fair my eyelashes and brows were.

I also expressed how whenever my eyebrows had been tinted, that the dye would always wash out completely after the first time of washing my face. (And yes, I was waiting 24 hours before wetting my face when getting them done.) It was then that she suggested me getting my brows done with a Henna. My first thought was, what? Like the Henna tattooing? And yes, Henna is a plant, which I was unaware of. As Deb clearly knew what she was speaking about I went along with her suggestion. Oh my gosh, what an amazing result! The fullness in my brows as well was really surprising to me also. I’ve also washed my face and my brows still look on fleek! Thanks to The Beauty Spot I walked out of there with extra confidence and a smile on my face. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I also got my eyelashes tinted as well as russian volume eyelash extensions put.

I’m not usually someone who shares photos on the net without some sort of make up on or filter. But I am that happy, I couldn’t not share my experience. Thank you again The Beauty Spot and you’ll be sure to be seeing me again!

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