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Micro-Blading ( Feather Touch Brows)

Today I want to talk in more detail about micro-blading your eyebrows, what your final result should actually look like. Nowadays there are many places that offer micro-blading, and it’s extremely important to be well informed before you consider doing this treatment. As you may realize, micro-blading procedure is semi-permanent, it requires high standard of education with extra attention in every step of the process, from the initial drawing of the shape to the applying of hair strokes, all the way to aftercare. It should only be done by a professional that not only is experienced in micro-blading, but also has a deep knowledge of skin types and skin structure. This is why before doing this procedure, in order to avoid any complications and unwanted effects, you must do a good amount of research about the artist you are considering. My name is Debbie LaBes and I would like to thank you for considering me.

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent makeup technique, which means it doesn’t last forever, it is necessary to do colour touch up once a year, so that it remains fresh looking, a natural effect that defines your brows. A small blade is used to deposit pigment throughout the brow area, in the upper layers of skin, resulting in a natural-looking effect.

Micro-blading is a process that is a semi-permanent artistic way of drawing, to create multiple hair strokes that follow the natural hair pattern of the eyebrows. Between all this hair, there should be a tiny space (which means your skin should be visible in some spots) same as it normally is with your natural eyebrows. This is not a complete shaded look which will totally cover your eyebrows, Micro-blading as an immediate result should look darker than your eyebrows, around 50%. This colour fades over the next 7 days, the healed colour will perfectly suit your natural eyebrows and your skin complexion. People that are not informed you did the procedure, won’t even spot that you have done something to your face, but they will realize you look fresher and happier, oh yes with a perfectly shaped brows, that give a new frame to your face. Even if you mention that you did something, it will be hard for someone to guess what it is, as the result looks really subtle providing the effect of untouched naturally shaped brows.

This is actually my secret, to achieve definition without anyone realizing you did any procedure. For my clients that prefer achieving a fuller and more intense eyebrow with makeup effect, I do offer various techniques that will provide this look. My combination of micro-blading and shading treatment, will create a bolder brow with shading that fades into mimicking hairs where there are sparse areas to create a fuller look..

The strokes that are created should follow the natural hair pattern and look, in order to achieve ultra natural effect. The immediate after result is darker than the natural hairs (that will heal in around 7 days and result with a perfect colour fit with the natural brows). It may happen that the skin is a little red after the treatment (it all depends on the skin type and sensitivity). There shouldn’t be any shades in between the hair gaps (except if the treatment is done over an old pmu).

Be educated about your artist and about the treatment process. It’s your face, so make sure it is presentable.

In case you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime. I am always open for consultations, in order to discuss everything about the treatment and answer all questions you might have.

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