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It is with great pride that I decided to put everything down I know about getting your lips tattooed.

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Lip tattooing has changed a lot since I first started doing them. It was with much anxiety learning how a lip tattoo can affect you and if you had ever suffered from cold sores it could cause an outbreak,  thankfully I believe I have found a way to do a painless lip tattoo with minimal downtime and less of a risk of having a cold sore outbreak. 

First things first prevention is better than cure. I recommend that you start taking Lysine for 2 weeks before you come in. I also recommend exfoliating your lips with a soft toothbrush.

Numbing if you want to use it has to be bought from you sorry legally I’m not allowed to. I recommend Tugun Compounding Tel (07) 5598 241. They have my details and will make it up for you, you can either pick it up, have it sent to your home or have it sent to me. 

On the day of your booking go to the chemist and get the counter antiviral tablets (Valtrex) they come with 3 take 1 the morning of the booking, 1 the afternoon and 1 the day after, you can always get two boxes and take them for the first week, or go to the doctor and tell him you want to get your lips tattooed and you don’t want to get an outbreak of cold sores.

While lip tattooing is relatively pain-free, after-care is very important and must be followed.

Please make sure you have some witch hazel, you will receive an after-care pack with, gauze pads, cotton buds and cream.

I like to ask my clients to have some gause pads soaked in witch hazel and kept in the fridge (just in a zip-locked bag) to dab every 15 minutes first hr, 30 minutes for the next hr and every hr after that ( so the bag should have about 8 pads).

Apply aftercare often as the areas start feeling tight or itchy but only use a small amount of aftercare. You should continue to clean for

Day 1 every 60mins

Day 2 and 3 every 90mins

Day 4 to 6 every 4hrs

After healed continue with after-care or lip care 2 or 3 times a day.

You can wash your face as normal morning and night, please avoid the lips so they don’t get too wet directly from the water for the first week. 

Here are a few things you should know about lip tattoos. 

1. Procedure can take 2 hours max 2 1/2 depending on the lip size and texture. 

2. Cannot wear a mask for long periods of time during the first week of healing or

must use a new disposal mask and change often to avoid the risk of infection. 

3. Must eat food in small bites and try to avoid salty/spicy foods for the 1st week &

Wash lips after you do eat. Make sure to use a straw when drinking.

4. You should avoid coming 1 week before or after your menstrual cycle because you will be more sensitive to pain & more prone to bleeding lips. 

5. If you’ve ever gotten a cold sore even when you were little one time or if you’re prone to breakouts it doesn’t matter you should tell your doctor you’re going to have a procedure done on your lips and you need an antiviral. That will help to avoid a breakout. If you’re prone to getting breakouts this procedure causes stress to the lip which can lead to a cold sore breakout to happen during the healing process.

Of course, we do not want to disturb the healing process so please follow your after-care. 

6. Lip blush is a semi-permanent tattoo that can last 1-2 years then you can come for a refresh session. 

7. The cost is $530.

8. Week touch up $ free. Touch up is required to complete the look 

9. Must be 18 and over/cannot serve if you are expecting. 

10. Does it hurt? Everyone’s pain tolerance is different I’ve had clients that require zero numbing on and they said they didn’t feel a thing some even fall asleep. Then there are clients who request the numbing. If you feel uncomfortable during the procedure we can definitely add numbing after the first pass.  

11. Lip gloss and go! Or leave the lip matte with no gloss! No need for lipstick and it’s kiss-proof, mask proof, & smudge-proof! Never worry about reapplying lipstick! If you desire to wear lipstick. Yes, you can still wear lipstick over lip blush.

Feel free to ask any questions, contact artist Debbie Labes at 0414 673280.

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