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Eyebrow Treatments to Experiment with on Your Beauty Journey

Beauty enthusiasts can experiment with the look of their eyebrows by trying out a variety of innovative eyebrow treatments, which are expected to yield excellent results. These are great methods to give definition, thickness, and a glossier look to your hair. 

Below are the fantastic treatments you may indulge in if you want something more than just tweezing your brows.

Trying Things Out with Eyebrow Henna

The henna dye is all-natural and plant-based, but it is activated with rose water and can last up to six weeks on brow hair. The treatment involves colouring the skin beneath the brow to make it appear thicker. 

Your current brows will be cleansed and shaped first, and then the henna will be applied and left on for at least 30 minutes. The ombré effect of brow henna techniques, which are lighter on the inside and darker on the tail, is very popular.

Taming Tough Brows with Eyebrow Lamination

Laminated brows are a look that people worldwide have been DIY-ing. They look sleek, shiny, and dramatic with a feathery finish. The brow hair is relaxed and straightened during the treatment. This makes ordinarily tough brows more pliable, allowing them to be groomed more readily.

There are three steps to this procedure. First, apply a perming solution to disrupt hair connections and infuse it with keratin. Second, reset the bonds into the required form using a fixing solution. Finally, apply a moisturising serum to the hair and skin to repair the damage caused by the perming solution.

Getting Bold with Eyebrow Tinting

If you prefer to experiment with different hair colours, you’ve probably heard of hair tints. Tints are semi-permanent, leave your hair looking lovely, and are made with vegetable-based colours blended with a 3 percent peroxide solution. 

They’re such a wonderful way to add pigment to your brows and make them look fuller. The treatment is done after a few minutes and is an excellent choice for someone who wants to fill in and define their brows daily.

Embracing Fullness with Eyebrow Extensions

Eyebrow extensions are similar to eyelashes or hair extensions in that they are glued to existing hair to lengthen or thicken it. Eyebrow extensions are applied in a way that looks natural and feels fuller. 

The method is implemented following a thorough consultation with a technician, who then sketches out a rough sketch of the ultimate result. The procedure takes roughly 60 minutes to complete and requires touch-ups every two to four weeks.

Achieving the Perfect Look with Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup fad that has been sweeping the beauty world. It’s most commonly used for eyebrow tattooing and lip blushing. The technique for brows uses a tiny needle to fill in sculpted, hair-like strokes of colour. 

A skin-safe dye that can be used to change the shape or thicken the appearance of your brows is manually inserted into the top layers of your skin. Depending on the final look you want, the operation might take anywhere from two to three hours.


Your brows are a key aspect of your face. They are in charge of framing your face and can help to connect all of your facial characteristics. That’s why maintaining your brows according to your face shape is vital so you can style and groom them in trendy ways to switch up your look on occasion.

Let the eyebrow ex.perts at The Beauty Spot take care of your brows! We’ve been the Gold Coast’s leading cosmetic artist since 2008. Book your salon appointment today!

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