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BB Glow Semi Permanent Foundation is the New Thing!

In a perfect world, girls would have this flawless skin that makes them look radiant and healthy without having to worry about make-up routines every day. This is no longer a wish but a dream come true with a new innovation that was just but a far-fetched dream-BB Glow semi-permanent foundation. When I first familiarized myself with BB Glow semi-permanent foundation, I knew that this is what the woman of today needed.

So what is BB Glow semi-permanent foundation?

It is simple. Imagine tinted skincare without having the need for make-up. It is more of a pigment mixed with growth factors and with no risks whatsoever. What the product does, is that, BB-serum is placed into the epidermis of your skin and lightens the dark circles and even out the skin tones. Therefore, instead of spending hours trying to blend and reduce the conspicuous pores, BB Glow semi-permanent foundation does this for you! You could be wondering, ‘’ I’m going to walk out of here looking like I have makeup on?’’ Of course not. “It completely looks like your skin, but better.” 2019, we all want a natural look, don’t we?

How is it done?

This process entails is similar to microneedling but without needles. For those not familiar with microneedling will think that this sounds like a ritual. However, far from it, this formula delivers the BB-serum into the skin and brings out a more even tone as well as a brighter complexion. Even better, the process only takes like an hour a half. Because as I mentioned it is without needles, it comes with a full facial that will cleanse and exfoliate the skin, but with no need for a numbing cream. BB glow uses a nano tip in order to hold the pigment together. Once the microneedling is over, the face mask is applied to calm the skin and boosted with LED. For better results, three appointments will do the trick. This treatment can last up to 4 months just like a sun tan.

Why BB Semi-Permanent Foundation?

To begin with, the formula contains vitamin B3, vitamin E and Growth factors which gives you a radiant-looking complexion. Secondly, completely safe, paraben free, prohibited colourants free, formaldehyde free and no hydroquinone. Thirdly, one is able to have the coverage of makeup without having to worry about breakouts since the foundation is inside the skin. The fact that it is not clogging the pores, makes it safe from breakouts. Has anti-aging ingredients, growth factors antioxidants, and vitamins. Lastly, this formula has the same benefits as microneedling only that it will add colour.

How about Sensitive Skin?

his is where the patient will need to schedule a consultation which is free of charge if there are concerns, however this is suitable for all skin types even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

After Treatment

For an extended period of time, it is best to stay out of the sun for a while to avoid fading. As other microneedling formulas, it is equally important to keep the skin clean for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Before you decide

It is advisable that you seek advice from an industry expert in skin care. From a professional view, I believe that you should be wary of the fact that the products for topical use could be harmful when they go deeper into the skin. There could be reactions such as: irritation, allergies and even skin inflammation. Despite having no clinical data, it is important to consider that there could be more severe effects.
Also, keep in mind that that the formula comes in three shades: light, medium, and dark. To match your exact skin tone, they can be mixed. Falling outside the normal shade range doesn’t mean that you will not be able to achieve a natural look. As an expert, I highly commend this treatment and always seek an expert opinion from professionals like me in order to carry out tests and determine which treatments are suitable for your skin.

Here is to the next big thing!

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